The Secret To Successful Parenting
Rev. Rebecca Imende

Every strong building begins with a firm foundation; the deeper the foundation, the stronger the building. The foundation of every child is laid at home by the parents.
Mathew 7:24-27, tells us about two men: one built his house upon the sand and when the rain, the flood and the wind came that house was blown and had a great fall that was the end of it. The other man built his house on the rock and it stood firm all through those challenges. Successful parenting takes work, commitment and discipline, it is worth it because it pays in eternal dividend.

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By Grace Alone
Bishop Thomas Imende

Bishop Thomas Imende dedicated his life to Christ in 1962 at the age of 19. He holds diplomas from Kima Theological College (Maseno, Kenya) and the International Bible Training Institute (IBTI) in Sussex, England; a B.A. (Theology) from the Central Bible College in Missouri, USA, and an M.A. degree in Missiology from the Fuller Seminary Pasadena in California, USA. He has also done graduate work at the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Bishop Imende has preached in churches in US, Canada, Norway, Denmark and Ireland.On his return to Kenya he worked as the head of Christian Leadership and Evangelism in World Vision and Senior Pastor at the Mariakani Christian Centre in Nairobi before he and his wife founded New Hope Outreach Ministries where he has served since. Brand

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